Creating purposeful display equipment

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! This is quite a commonplace saying, but it can be wise advice in some situations. In the competitive marketplace of today, products and services don’t promote themselves – even excellent products need to be given a little push to get the attention of consumers. Depending on where and when you do your marketing and promotion campaigns, a set of great display equipment can be most beneficial.

Imagine your company sending salespeople to a modern shopping mall or trade fair with handwritten posters and photos sellotaped on display boards! Or worse, imagine trying to promote stylish clothes and apparel to young people with that sort of equipment and presentation. In both instances the staff may be too embarrassed to even stand beside the display, much less invite people to come and look at the offering.

Recent advances in technology and lifestyle choices demand keeping up with higher standards and stiffer competition. Fortunately, the same technology advances have made available great opportunities for creating high quality display equipment – of varying sizes, portability and material – to satisfy a wide range of uses. For instance, you can get the same display made in various sizes that you can use in a shopping mall, at trade exhibitions or on huge billboards.

Here are some themes you could explore when getting your display equipment designed for you:

Educate your audience: the focus of your display material may be to tell people about a product of service that they know little about. With this kind of material, the emphasis is on providing information in text and photos, and highlighting the benefits of the product or service for the consumer. The display material can point out facts, figures and benefits which the consumer doesn’t yet know.

Engage your audience: your display material could be purposefully designed to engage clients and  provoke questions, to invite discussion or encourage the audience to find out more. This sort of display may be more suitable for services rather than products and may work well if it is targetted to specialists or professionals at trade shows.

Dazzle your audience: for lifestyle products, the emphasis could be colourful and photo-dominant display boards full of smiling faces and satisfied users of a product or service. Such display material can be particularly suitable for introducing new products or services to new segments of the market. It is an opportunity to pitch your product or service as affordable and easy to access, with fashion or design statements that the target audience may identify as reflective of their lifestyle and aspirations.

Amplify your guarantees: your display material could emphasis the promises your company wants to make to users. Especially if your service requires users to switch from an existing provider to your company, your display materials may focus on spelling out the main benefits they will receive if they make the switch.


Posted on 18 January 2012

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