Big, bold and beautiful

Picture walking into the hall of one of the larger exhibition venues such the Olympia or the O2. What do you notice most? Banners, of course. Banners inviting you to come and spend some time with us! And which exhibitions draw your attention most? Usually it’s the big, bold and beautiful displays that stand out most. In certain contexts nothing less than that will do.

In business it is an ongoing challenge to maintain an awareness of your services and products in the market place. It is also challenging to keep finding new and effective ways to maintain customer loyalty. Thus there are times and situations when your marketing and advertising messages must speak to the aspirations of your target audience and also inspire certain lifestyle choices which will ultimately affect sales and your bottom line. This is where big, bold and beautiful comes in!

Big: It makes a difference to go big, depending on the product or service, target audience, and the venue and context in which particular display equipment are to be used. Going big, large or supersize is a statement in itself – an expression of confidence in the product being offered and of openess and welcome to the target audience. For example, when it comes to business activities like launching a new car display lot, opening of a supermarket, adverts for designer clothes and accessories, life-style products like perfumes and handbags, even furniture like sofas and beds, carpets and so on – big is most appropriate in terms of equipment as well as advertising statements.

Bold: An assertive and confident design is natural to certain lines of products. One can’t imagine premier football clubs inviting their fans to matches and events with nothing but bold claims and expressions. Or luxury car advertisement on nothing but big displays and whole page advertising. Or come election time, one can’t imagine political parties vying for votes in any ways other than bold. In going for the bold, you use your display material to deliberately engage your target audience – to provoke questions, invite discussions or feel good to be part of the “in” crowd.

Beautiful: Shakespeare claimed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But by beautiful here, we mean excellent design – the selection of colours, typesetting, layout, photos, graphic elements and all the ingredients that go into making an outstanding piece of work.

Of course, going for the big, bold and beautiful must ultimately make business sense in terms of working out a cost-benefit analysis. However, in business as in the rest of life, there must be room for playfulness and humour; otherwise, life is a dull plod.

Whether you are going for the big, bold and beautiful display equipment and banners or something more modest, there is always help available to develop your messages and images.

Posted on 25 January 2012

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