Achieving high impact with your display equipment

The quality and wow-factor of your display equipment can play a significant part in achieving successful promotions of your service or products. Whether at road shows or exhibitions, or even in exclusive presentations to clients and prospects, you don’t want to give the impression of being the poor cousins when it comes to show-casing your services or products. The competitive market place demands excellence on all fronts, including how your services and products are advertised and promoted.

Fortunately, it’s fairly straightforward to get the full range of display equipment – including banners, display stands, exhibition equipment – designed and produced for you to high specification and quality at competitive prices. There are many strategies you could use to enhance the effectiveness of your display equipment. These include:

Clear design elements

The artistic use of colours, photographs, illustrations and captivating fonts are the stock in trade of designers. Working with a contracted designer as a team, you can come up with well-designed display equipment that can put across your messages in effective ways. The messages can be tailored to different target audiences, taking account of age, cultural trends and so on. For example, messages to a younger audience may be in bright and playful colours compared to messages aimed at corporate executives.

Clear and bold messages

If you’ve got a brilliant product or service, you might as well state bold claims about it. With a bit of creativity, you could come up with catchy slogans and messages that captures the imagination of your target market. It is also useful to obtain testimonials from satisfied customers and users. Such testimonials can be worth their weight in gold, as they can be especially effective in impacting¬† sceptical customers or clients who want to see social proof.

Clear invitation to action

Sometimes advert messages are too clever by half: they may be amusing and entertaining but lead to no sales or greater awareness of the product being promoted. Big corporate entities with huge advertising budgets may be able to afford such campaigns; but smaller and more pragmatic companies are best advised to go for messages with a clear invitation to action on the part of the target audience.

Clear ongoing promotion

Your company or service may be one of those providers who need to be in the public eye almost continuously – to sign up new subscribers, or persuade prospects to switch over from one supplier to another. For ongoing promotional work, make sure you have sturdy and strong display equipment that can withstand the pressures and bumps of being carried from exhibition to exhibition, from road show to road show.

Clear guarantees out there

Customers like to be assured that not only would their consumer rights be respected, but that their complaints and feedback are taken seriously. It is good practice to spell out your guarantees clearly and flag them up in your campaign brochures, and on display material where appropriate. It is an expression of confidence in your products that will positively impact the customer.

Posted on 7 December 2011

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